Who says He is not God?

I wrote this after a difficult trial. When all seemed lost, God’s mighty hand prevailed. We serve a true, faithful God!
Who says He isn’t God?
Who says He isn’t God?
Who says God does not exist?
He does exist.
He is a true powerful God who purifies his own through the fire.
How awesome and great are his hands, his works?
This is how I am feeling right now. Who says God is not God?!?!
Who says that HE is not Lord!
Who says He is not with us?
Who says He does not order our steps?
Who says He does not care for his own?
Our God reigns! Nobody should tell me that He is not God!
Nobody should tell me my God is not God. Never!
For He truly is God!
What a mighty God I serve!
I will forever be His child.
I will forever praise His name.
Even when I am too weak to pray,
Even when my faith is shaken,
I will lean on the rock that is higher than I.
What a mighty God we serve!

4 thoughts on “Who says He is not God?

  1. Indeed, HE is and HE is the rewarder of them that diligently seek HIM.
    HE is a faithful GOD.


  2. God is indeed a Mighty God. He’s great and awesome. I thank God for what He’s done in your life. Praise JESUS!


    1. Glory be to God in the highest. He is forever our God. We magnify you above every situation and we will forever put our trust in Him.

      Thank you so much Sis for writing and sharing this wonderful Praise with us.

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